Photos From Blink-182 Tour Launch Party & Tour Poster

Here are some photos from the blink-182 tour launch party held last night in Hollywood.  A poster for the tour can be seen in the background of the photos.  It shows the summer tour is sponsored by the T-Mobile Sidekick LX.

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Taking Back Sunday

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Panic At The Disco                                      Chester French

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6 Responses to Photos From Blink-182 Tour Launch Party & Tour Poster

  1. Freiteez

    nice poster, isnt that like the very first pic they took together as a band? haha. its cool the sidekick is sponsoring it but i really hate those phones. iPhone FTW!

  2. Danny Krug

    Chester French is bomb! I wish I was there last night. All the bands were playing Blink covers. I think a Chester French cover of Blink would be rather interesting.

  3. Stuart

    who the fuck are chester french?

  4. x3blink

    some two person band mark is apparently obsessed with

    and yeah i think that was the first pic they took as a band back again. it is a really sweet poster

  5. henrique

    I need that poster.

  6. I Miss You 182

    It’s neat to see how grown up Blink 182 looks. Such good guys.