Blink-182 Summer Tour Supporting Acts Added To Livenation

All of the supporting bands have been added to their respective tour dates on Livenation.  They’ve also added ticket pre-sale and on-sale dates for select shows.  Not all of the tickets go on sale on 5/30.

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11 Responses to Blink-182 Summer Tour Supporting Acts Added To Livenation

  1. Malik


  2. cuckoo77

    who’s playing with them in Vancouver? I was hoping it would be Weezer and not FOB…if not Weezer, I’d prefer nothing compared to FOB….

  3. Stefano

    what does “Fan Club Pre Sale” mean!?

  4. jeffgq

    so pre-sale for sale 5/27 for “fan club” members. what fan club? the official sites mailing list? facebook/pickrset? anybody know about a pre-sale code yet??

  5. Nick

    i dont understand how this “fanclub presale” works. since when does blink even still have a fanclub? you cant even sign up for it anywhere so you can buy tickets at the earliest possible slot – which is for fanclub members according to livenation

  6. Alex

    yeah i really need to know how to sign up for this “fanclub”

  7. johnny hotcakes

    yeah i wanna find out about those fanclub sales otherwise i’m getting a citi card

  8. Karina

    I get blink news emails occasionally but I don’t think that would be considered a fan club right???

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  10. Always 182

    I really hope to see Taking Back Sunday when they’re with Blink 182. Fall Out Boy.. eh

  11. 182

    I didn’t think there was an “official” fan club. I’ve been searching google everywhere. Does anyone know about it?