TRV$ DJ-AM On Live Stream From KROQ Weenie Roast

KROQ is streaming the Weanie Roast live online.  TRV$ DJ-AM are set to go on at 9:30PM PST. You can watch the show below or on

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27 Responses to TRV$ DJ-AM On Live Stream From KROQ Weenie Roast

  1. Blink-O

    jew = awesome.
    cant wait till rancid are up.
    trvsdjam… well… good music, but not headliner-worthy.

  2. Sean

    Kings of Leon were awesome

  3. Blink-O

    wow. travis has hair. i havent seen that since 2002.

  4. Orian

    Travis and AM should be fucking ashamed for what they’re currently doing to Enter the Sandman.

  5. Daniel

    You should be ashamed for calling it “Enter the Sandman.”

  6. Orian

    D’oh, right, no Enter. 😛

  7. Daniel

    You’re pretty gay 🙂

  8. steve

    barker playing the shit out of everlong after already playing for like 40 minutes straight. theyre tearing it down.

  9. Orian

    He who directs such an insult it themselves likely hiding something. Grow up, shit head.

  10. johnny hotcakes

    wtf is with the dude saying blink played? was he high?

  11. Jim

    so if he’s hiding being gay does that mean you’re hiding the fact that you’re a shit head?

  12. steve

    i was about to ask the same thing

  13. Sarab543

    apparently blink played and the webcast was delayed so i think they cut out blink… idk why

  14. steve

    oh’ll be youtubed in a few hours

  15. idoz


  16. Jcruz

    the blink set was probably just another 3 song set anyways.

  17. heron182

    DID BLINK EVEN PLAY????????????

  18. Malik

    wait Sarab543, was that just an extrapolation or did u actually find that out?

  19. urdad

    wtf i dont care if it was just a 3 song set….its fking BLINK182 dude!!!!

  20. Stuart

    blink played???

  21. nick

    blink did not play. i was there. afer the TRVS-DJ AM set though, a lot of people were chanting “BLINK” though. it was awesome. apparently people were hoping blink was gonna be a suprise guest.

  22. patrick

    I bet the last segment with the guy mentioning Blink was pre-recorded. Maybe Blink was going to play then things changed. The magic of video.

  23. KAKA

    the new blink song they played sounded too much like AVA

  24. Sten

    Wikipedia lists that Blink 182 was canceled.

  25. Sarab543

    just what I heard…. I can’t find anything about them playing other than what that guy said on the webcast…

  26. Sarab543

    on wiki it says surprise appearance and then canceled… I know wiki isnt true sometimes but its the only thing i could find…