HMNIM: After Four Long Years

Mark blogged:

the return of blink-182 to the stage!!! t-mobile threw a big party at the paramount lot here in los angeles to launch their new sidekick, and they asked us to play. the whole thing was a secret. travis and dj-am were already scheduled to perform, and as a surprise ending, blink-182 came out at the very end and played a few songs. during the night, weezer performed and played the hits, along with a few covers. TRVS/DJ-AM dominated (as they always do), and then we played. to be honest, it was one of the best nights of my life. thanks to everyone who was there. thanks to t-mobile. and most of all, thanks to travis and tom. you are my brothers, and it feels amazing to share the stage with you once again.

here are some photos from throughout the day and night.

our trailer


getting ready to soundcheck.


the bass of all basses




and photos from the show itself. all of the following photos were taken by megan thompson. if you take any of these to repost on other sites, please make sure you give her photo credit. she does great work.

here are some photos from tonight.







so much fun! i cannot wait to go on tour this summer. there are many more photos from the show tonight, but it’s now 2am and i’m gonna call it a day. thanks again, everyone!!

More photos of the event can be found by clicking the continue reading button located below.

Extra credit to Megan Thompson for the photographs.





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  2. James

    please come to Fresno, Ca! I think im first haha!

  3. James

    I was five hours away watching angels and demons………..cant believe it.

  4. Jack

    great pictures..! come on guys, where are you going to come in italy?? tell us some dates!!

  5. gompynl

    look at my video

    it has links to videos with better quality
    by famous burro

  6. idoz

    Indonesia… Indonesia…Indonesia…please come to Indonesia!!!

  7. Jiggy

    I wet my pants seeing this shit. omg.

  8. alyssa

    awww so adorable. So stoked for the tour! Those pics are cute (:

  9. yann

    that picture with tom and mark!!!! priceless

  10. I Miss You 182

    Just look how sick that bass looks. So awesome!