Alt Press: More Amazing Photos From Last Night

Blink-182 Surprise Comeback Show - Jered Scott AP



Reunited pop-punk trio Blink-182 stunned Los Angeles Thursday night with a surprise set at a private event outside Paramount Studios in Hollywood. For details on the night, check out our news story here. You know who wasn’tsurprised? AP, as we managed to sneak one of our photographers, Jered Scott, into the festivities to snag pics from the show that also featured DJ Am and Weezer.

Blink and You Missed It

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7 Responses to Alt Press: More Amazing Photos From Last Night

  1. Sarab543

    wikipedia says that blink will be a surprise guest at the weenie roast tomorrow… might not be true but i wouldnt be surprised…

  2. dfds

    sick picture of mark

  3. DeAtH StAr ThEoRy


    Why do you have links to ‘full gallery’ when you click it, it shows a weezer setlist? ..and no other pics…thats not a gallery. 2nd, theres alot of vids on here you press play, it shows some weird 30sec advert saying vid will resume after it…then ..nothing?

  4. ryan34

    ^^ those mtv vids dont work for us outside US 😐

  5. DeAtH StAr ThEoRy

    ya’d think putting a vid on a site should be viewable all over the world ..

    atleast its not jus me its happening to then

  6. Saraa

    if you want to see the “full gallery” go here: and then click to “view the full gallery”; there aren’t many but they are priceless!:)
    i want blink to come to barcelona!****

  7. I Miss You 182

    That picture of Mark Hoppus is so freaking cool. I just love his new Marktopus bass.