TRV$DJ-AM at T-Mobile Sidekick Party in LA & Surprise Appearance


Show your T-Mobile Sidekick and skip the line at one of our exclusive party locales around the country. Check out an exclusive performance with TRV$DJ-AM and a special surprise appearance LIVE via satellite from the star-studded LA launch event. It all goes down on May 14th.

Mark tweeted:

@petewentz yes sir!! I’m going to the tmobile party tonight to watch trvs/am. Wanna come to the party?

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Who could this special surprise appearance be?  Discuss it in our forums!

Colin Weeks tweeted:

At T-Mobile Blink 182 party at Paramount Studios Lot

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

We were not invited to this star studded event, but you know that won’t stop us. We’re crashing it! It’s Blink 182dag nab it!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

Totally twittering @ the Internet Cafe set up on NY street on the Paramount Lot right in front of stage where Weezer and Blink are playing!!

Scott D. Floyd tweeted:

Sidekick LX event tonight in LA. Blink and Weezer playing…Sidekick has its MoJo back.

Jessie Malakouti tweeted:

OMg! Omg! Just heard special guest tonight at t mobile party is blink 182 reunited!!!!! I’m shitting!!!!!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

Honestly, this is the best thing I have been to in a while… and we see a lot of shows. Weezer was fucking amazing… waiting for TRV$/AM!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

@linky182 Blink will be on soon! Twit pics to come!

YouTellConcerts tweeted: – Weezer set list. TRV$/AM setting up

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

BLINK182 pics coming soon!! This party is for realz!!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

@adimjuna it will happen. TRV$/DJAM next…. THEN BLINK182!! @markhoppus this is what you’ve been waiting for!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:




Russell Gordon tweeted:

WHOLLY SHIT!!!!!!They just taped a set list to the stage… “Rock Show” “Feeling This” and “Dammit” this is the best day EVER!!!! #blink182!

Kevin Scott tweeted:


TRV$DJAM at T-Mobile party. Rad.

YouTellConcerts tweeted:



Dana Brunetti tweeted:

That was Travis and DJ AM. Blink 182 next! Stay tuned!!!

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19 Responses to TRV$DJ-AM at T-Mobile Sidekick Party in LA & Surprise Appearance

  1. kenTBMH


    First comment? haha

    hope the surprise guest is blink!!!

  2. rapapumpum

    it’s ray charles. its totally ray charles. ITS OBVIOUSLY RAY CHARLES.

  3. Orian

    Wait, what the fuck is going? blink is performing? Buh? Did I fucking miss something? Someone goddamn better be recording this shit if it’s true.

  4. steve

    blinks playing in Cali…I live in pittsburgh…FAIL..
    It will more than likely all be on youtube by morning=WIN

  5. ricky

    holy fuckin shit!

  6. Mauricio

    holy god almighty. this is really going down

  7. Adim

    fuck fuck fuck need the streaming now!!!! fuck boner boner boner. if anyone have the video upload it immediately.

  8. Adim

    “special surprise”. i mean surprise is already big but this is a “special” surprise. blink!!!

  9. Orian

    Do these people posting these tweets have any proof? As I don’t believe.

  10. steve

    ok now with all these “surprise” shows and updates i now remember weeks ago when the rumor broke that they MAY be rereleasing untitled. the rumored date was may 19th…THIS tuesday. the 2nd of the 2 days blink are scheduled to be on leno. NOW things may be starting to make a little sense.

  11. Jules

    Can’t believe this is actually happening?!? How did mark keep this a secret!! Haha holy shit holy shit holy shit

  12. kenTBMH

    holy crap….I totally didnt add together the re-release of Self-titled…..

    things are perfectly timed….this seems perfect.

    So they are probably blitzing a few show to show people they are still here 🙂

    -Tonight’s party
    -KROQ weenie roast?
    -Leno night 1
    -Leno night 2 / Re-release?

    holy balls…I am pooping with excitement right now!!!

  13. Adim

    fuck man we need a streaming of this. kroq is fucking lying.

  14. steve

    and all that will happen in the next week which is ALSO when theyre supposed to announce tour dates. the MARKeting on all this is unbeleivable! like they are gaining a shit ton of momentum right now. this is going to pick up QUICK. things are about to get pretty fucking interesting.

  15. kenTBMH

    wish i could see this SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD lol

  16. Adam


  17. bolo

    fuck my dicks hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!someone upload those vids quick

  18. AndyTheCureFan

    what’s with this “live via satellite” bs?

  19. Sarab543

    YEAHHHHHHH I hope someone posts vids from this show!