Hoppus Trapped At Sea and the Mysterious Marktopus

Mark tweeted:

I’m on a boat that is broken down in the pacific ocean. Waiting for a tow boat. There goes sunday. Fail. Whale. I hope they have food.

Make it back safely Mark! He’s also changed his Twitter profile pic to this, titled “Marktopus”:


What is with the mysterious octopus that we keep seeing and hearing about?

UPDATE: Mark tweeted:

Still stuck on this boat. 14 dudes all bored and annoyed. There is no food. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go. Feels like tour.

UPDATE 2: Mark tweeted:

Towboat arrives! The failboat slowly makes its way towards mission bay. It seems like I’ve been gone for a week. How are they gonna dock?

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16 Responses to Hoppus Trapped At Sea and the Mysterious Marktopus

  1. blink me babey

    random XD

  2. me

    i bet he got a pet octopus

  3. simon

    i guess is a “mark hoppus” logo, with a pun like “oct-hoppus” or something like that… anyway, it’s really cool

  4. Oscar Aranda

    New Clothing Line he´s working on

  5. Marktopus

    I for one welcome the Marktopus and the rest of our new Octopus overlords

  6. Ian

    he went from unicorns to octopuses!

  7. Jamey

    I smell turkey…

  8. MTT

    when do you guys think we will start getting info on the new record? or some videos like the cheetah vids. im dying to here some stuff they are working on

  9. El Salvador

    C’mon kids it’s not that difficult: Mark Hoppus => Markhoppus => Markoppus => Marktoppus…

  10. kieran

    @El Salvador….no shit dude haha.

  11. Orian

    Someone should alter that image so it has Mark’s hair. 😛

  12. Brian

    Mark, you should make a James Bond spoof film and call it, “Marktopussy.”


  13. Hotpants182

    don’t know….Clothing Line/Mark Hoppus Label

  14. tom

    omg brian that was so funny… can you tell me it one more time

  15. Matt

    it sounds like song lyrics to me…..just throwing that out there

  16. grant

    it looks pretty damn cool though! it looks extremely cool on his bass!

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