TRV$: Famous Regal Locs Saturday

Travis blogged:

Travis Barker - Famous Stars and Straps - Sunglasses - The Fast Life

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14 Responses to TRV$: Famous Regal Locs Saturday

  1. gareth

    know what would be nice???? some actual news!!!! I mean we’e stuck by them even when they werent sticking by each other! Anything would do! A wee video blog with all 3 of them, or some sound bites from a new song, or dates for the tour and album! something other than the pedaling of wears and nonsensical twittering!……………………….just a thought!

  2. Peter182

    kick-ass glasses (H)

  3. kevin

    whats with all the merchandising?
    Im not really down. Making it all seem kind of bleh.

  4. heyitsjames

    Wow, sick glasses! They’re fucking awesome. And some people need something called. . . P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E!

  5. hi

    those glasses fucking suck

  6. Dan


  7. argh

    make music, not glasses..

  8. lee

    only 300 made but how many fakes will be made……..

  9. Brittney

    how much r those pieces of shit sunglasses?

  10. Peter182

    i need news!!! pleasE!! wtf?

  11. tom

    woooooooooo those are some rad glasses i want a pair. also some of u guys need 2 calm down they wont be doing much blogging while there recording cause they want this record 2 be done as soon as posssible so they can release it and also start touring

  12. FSAS Forever

    How much are these shit glasses?

  13. Paul.182

    quanto custa ?

  14. chingy

    deffintly shit looking sunnies they look like something i’d find at my local gas station! i wouldn’t pay 5 bucks for them!