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Our twitter will be updated every time there’s a new news post, so be sure to follow us to stay on top of the latest blink-182 news!  You can even use SMS updates to receive a text message every time we post an update.

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9 Responses to We’re On Twitter

  1. joel peru

    what the fuck is twitter

  2. justin

    Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time.

  3. adol

    who do i get that in my phone if i live in mexico

  4. Orian
  5. joel peru

    ummm why the fuck dont you sign uP for the REAL bands twitter not a FAN WEBSITE ONE????

  6. johnny hotcakes

    i just got a twitter pretty cool i think since i’m going on a trip soon and i won’t be able to access a computer it will be cool to get all the blink info on my phone.

  7. justin

    how often it the blink-182 twitter updated compared to this site?

  8. kieran


    As our title says this site is “for all (the small) things blink-182”. If it’s at all interesting to a blink-182 fan, you’ll find it here. Twitter just makes it easier for us to get the news out to the people who want it. Some will use twitter, some subscribe to our RSS feed, others just visit the site. It’s up to you.

  9. joel peru

    wtf i dient say that last comment. somone is a wanna be