HMNIM: 4 New Posts

Mark likes to blog in spurts lately. He blogged (4 times):

Alternative Press

I did an interview with AP from the studio today, and it’s already up online. Half of it, anyway. The second half comes out very soon, but the third half might take a while… You can read it here.

New Photos from Michael Muller

A couple of weeks ago, we did a photo shoot with our good friend Michael Muller. He’s one of the most amazing photographers in the world, and he made me feel very small by making fun of my camera when I brought it to the shoot. Here are a couple of thumbnails. You can check out the larger images, along with a lot of his other incredible work here. Michael rules.

Alternative Press, part Two

The second half of the AP interview is up. These people are on their game! You can read it here.

Hey I Know That Dude!!!

Travis makes a cameo appearance in the Kid Cudi video for “Day ‘n’ Night.” Great song, great video.

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  1. Brian

    That he does Travis, that he does.