A Conversation With Mark Hoppus

Alternative Press Mark Hoppus
Alternative Press music editor Scott Heisel conducted an extensive interview with Mark Hoppus regarding the future of blink-182. Check out part one and part two of the interview.

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16 Responses to A Conversation With Mark Hoppus

  1. benimatt

    sounds rad^^

  2. heyitsjames

    haha, i watched that video mark, i never noticed that, omg u guys are so freakin cool, I just wanna let you know how fuckin awesome you guys are, and that you have nearly the whole of England, no, the WORLD listening to the music produced by Blink,
    Can’t fucking WAIT til the Albums out, Peace.

  3. heyitsjames

    *never noticed you looking for mic lol 😛

  4. benimatt

    sounds like a commercial reunion to me…wish i’m wrong!

  5. OhIGotBlinked

    I’m just remembering when Mark said in an interview that he thought the Adventure started out good, but then fell apart. He now says it’s a “cool jam.”

  6. David

    Savage interview. Glad +44 aren’t done too. 😀

  7. Waggy

    @ benimatt

    What the fuck? How? Did you read the interview?

  8. Kyle

    @ benimatt

    What? It sounds more like blink is back, stronger than ever, and more ambitious then ever.

  9. Brian

    The adventure has a really strong verse and intro, but I always thought the chorus was a little anti-climactic. It’s not bad really, but just doesn’t give the climax (lol, climax, orgasm) that you’d hope it would.

    Mark, Tom and/or Travis, no joke I’ve got a mouth that will gladly suck on your dicks if one of you were to just pretend to have listened to my band’s music. It’s REALLY REALLY shitty music, by 3 ugly guys with small penises, but I swear I’ll fly out to California and suck you guys off if you listen to it for just 1 second. Maybe even if you only listen to half a second…
    Nah, who am I kidding, just think about clicking on my name for the link and I’ll blow off the whole goddamn world for you guys.


    Lol, “climax.”

    (Dictated, not read)

    -A dumbass

  10. Wow

    Brian Lets pump the brakes and turn it down a notch or two

  11. ziggy

    Just a great interview with just the all the answers i was waiting for all this time:D

  12. D-dawg

    Reading all that was Awesome!

  13. Svante

    I don’t understand people that say that this is a commercial reunion? Are you really fans of Blink or are you just to afraid that they will break up again? From the sound of both Mark and Tom so isn’t this a temporary thing and they all love it. It made me really glad to that it actually was Tom who broke the tention around a possible contunation with Blink … so everybody who says that Tom doesn’t want this Shut up!!

  14. benimatt

    @ Waggy
    @ Kyle

    we dont know if they are really friends again, the atmosphere seems weird when i watch them on the 2 new videos… What I fear is that we won’t see the real blink 182 show on stage
    Btw, I love blink 182 as much as you do, its just an hypothesis..cause we don’t really actually know what’s going on between them at the moment

  15. heyitsjames

    @ Svante I tottally agree, I hate when people say shit like that, a true fan would know they’e here to stay!

  16. Waggy

    @ benimatt (again)

    Im pretty sure that Tom wouldnt give up time writing an AVA album if he, Mark, and Travis arent all friends again.

    Tom’s dedicated to blink for now. Plus, after Travis’s accident, they realized that lifes to short to keep hating each other.