HMNIM: Shooz With Tigers On Them

Mark blogged:

Our friends at Tokidoki have come through once again. This time with shoes. Super comfortable, with enough pieces of flare to make Stan (the manager of Chotchkie’s) proud. I’m terrible at taking care of my sneakers, so I give this pair three days till they look like I wore them while hiking up the Grand Canyon. Thanks to Ultimate Todd and everyone at Tokidoki.

Tokidoki Shoes Mark Hoppus

Tokidoki Shoes Mark Hoppus

Tokidoki Shoes Mark Hoppus

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5 Responses to HMNIM: Shooz With Tigers On Them

  1. Brian

    You really should have pushed for a penis on the shoe instead of a tiger Mark.

    Shit that sounded really gay… um….


    Fuck, tonight the straightness just ain’t coming out.

    (Dictated, not read)

  2. Orian

    Those are some fucking rad looking kicks. And it’s not just any tiger… it’s a Sabre Toothed Tiger. Awesome.

  3. Cas

    Can’t see how this is Blink 182 news??

  4. J

    Nice reference to Office Space, great movie. Mark has taste!

  5. benimatt

    @ orian

    what means rad ? sorry, i’m french and i dont know this word.