Rumour: Hoppus + Sum 41

According to a question asked on and apparently answered by Deryck Wimbley himself, Mark will be producing and appearing as a guest vocalist on their next album.

If its true, how will Mark fit this into his already busy schedule when recording and touring with blink?

edit: While the original answer said:

yes, i think?
answered by deryck on Feb 17, 2009 9:41am

It now reads:

i don’t know where this all came from but it’s just a rumor.
answered by deryck on Feb 18, 2009 12:36am

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30 Responses to Rumour: Hoppus + Sum 41

  1. Ryan

    He’ll make time because Mark Hoppus is a fucking pimp. Also, yes Sum 41 is ballin! Mark is gonna make this new album the shit, Underclass Hero was reallly good though, lot’s of people didn’t like it cuz Deryck sounded too “whiny” but hell that’s what I loved about it. Tom’s voice is just as whiny in Blink, but i love him all the more for it.

  2. Trey

    I think he should be able to make enough time for it. Especially since toms making enough time to be able to do angels still (thank god)

  3. D-dawg

    Those 2 lil buggers are gonna be busy this here.

  4. Daniel

    good im tired of hearing tom do all the talking and singing in this webpage

  5. blinkduder

    fuckin eh scotty cant wait one of my idols with one of my fav bands cant get any better and of course mark will make time hes a fucking trooper of music hes like the fucking rambo of music so if hes rambo i guess that would make travis like the fucking chuck norris lol and i guess tom would be like the mr t or some shit lol all the well there all fucking awsome so anything they ever do will be equally as awsome


  6. okifeelthat

    ^^^^^someone drunk perhaps???

  7. steve

    yeah so that link shows that deryck said its just a rumor and not true at all.why do you guys not double check or correct stuff? youre wrong constantly.

    sorry, just the way i see it,

  8. kenTBMH

    hahahaha true eh

    I actually am excited mark is still producing….hes doing a GREAT job with the bands he’s worked with so far.

    Maybe he can save Sum41 (ok, their last album wasnt THAT bad…just they need to steer back on track)

  9. Charly182

    Not exited at all,I disliked the new found glory cd after all the hype that was behind it…

  10. Brian

    Just how WILL Mark manage the onslaught of responsibilities???!!! WILL Tom ever show his penis during a modcast???!!! Can Travis EVER avoid fate’s never-ending attempts to claim his life???!!! And for God’s sakes will anyone EVER tell Mark that I’d give him a blow job just for pretending to have looked at my band’s site???!!!


    (Dictated, not read.)

  11. heyitsjames

    haha what the fuck, lol, I second what ever you said mate 😀

  12. Joey

    Usually I never post on these things but Blink 182 is by far and away my favorite band ever. It’s pretty exciting that they’re getting back together to do a new album but a part of me wonders if Tom is only doing this to try and “suck up” to all the Blink fans so some of us we’ll start to support AVA… Honestly, anyone who is looking forward to an angels and airwaves record more than a blink record, should not be on a site like this. IMO angels and airwaves sucks, i’m really hoping for more Mark than Tom on this record, hopefully plus 44 can get back together while Tom makes lame music with AVA.

  13. Rick

    I hope Mark helps out and does guest vocals because the last album was absolutely terrible…it was Sum 41 – Dave + Avril…or something…it was bad. Like really bad.

  14. Ryan

    Hey Dev Dev, can i call you that. (Above), yeah you’re a fucking idiot. Maybe you should check out the newest post to the site, where it says Travis is among the greatest drummers ever. Just who the fuck is Joey Jordison, and why do any of us give a shit? Barker played with one fucking arm on a +44 tour, and no they’re not shit, and you’ll get alllot of shit, on this site specifically if you say they are. (most of the fanbase on here, spawned from AVA is good, i’ll give you that, but better than blink? hellllll to the no. I’m not too sure if Tom sings more on albums than mark. In fact i went to go check the songs, and Tom sings more than mark on some albums, but just by a little, and on some albums Mark is more, blink-182 Mark 6, Tom 9 , but on Take off your pants and jacket Mark 7 Tom 8, and then on Enema it’s a tie at 6. So blink-182 was the only one were there was a noticeable difference. and honestly who gives a shit about you, this is a blink fan site, and if AVA are soo good, go to their modlife.

  15. Mindy

    well, that would be pretty cool if they were on the same level they were on back in the day. i seem to doubt the validity of that statement though, especially since the sum41 frontman’s last name wasn’t even spelled right…it’s whibley, by the way. whatever…anything that mark does will be amazing, and to y’all that say the nfg album mark produced is a let down, how do u know??? there’s only one song out, the whole album isn’t even coming until march! geez.

  16. Alex

    Uh, actually, metal drumming is USUALLY, just a lot of double kick, and playing really fast, but no real complex beats in there. I don’t know if you noticed, but Travis Barker AND Atom Willard are probably better drummers than most metal drummers, style wise. They might not be as proficient with the double-kick (or double-bass), but they’re definitely either just as good, and I wouldn’t doubt if even better.

  17. tom

    blink and sum 41 are my fave bands (along with paramore and NOFX) it would be so call if mark was in there new album

  18. tom

    devin u obviously dnt no wot gd music is ava are a gd band but there 1 big ego +44 were gr8 and much better then ava and also u cnt say who is batter mark or tom cause they are both awsome and i would say they are on the same level

  19. Ricky

    wow devin, you are a moron
    order of great music is
    Blink-182<+44<My ass<AVA

    ava is terrible dude. its just a band assembled from members of other bands, thrown together to make a terrible keyboardy wacko band. the whole “im going to take you to space” thing is completely retarded because anyone who is a true Blink fan, a true Punk & Punk/pop fan doesnt want to take some fag-rag hippy space trip.

    Blink is back and thats what the punk world cares about.

  20. Ricky

    Blink-182>+44>my ass>ava

    im tired

  21. ricky

    devin, your such a dumbass

  22. emma

    wow! devin, that was abit below the belt. To wish someone dead just because in your opinion they aren’t a good drummer… very juvenile, when you’ve grown up abit you’ll realise what a stupid comment that was to make. But back to the music, I personally like the music from all 3 bands and boxcar racer, but my heart will always be with blink-182.

  23. Ryan

    No fucking way, Kieran, you’ve gotta ban his IP address from ever visiting this site again, you cannot, and i repeat CANNOT insult Travis Barker. That was fucking low you fucking jackass. You wish he would have died? Your such an dumb fuck dude. I would never say that about anyone. Also who the fuck declared you supreme ruler of what is good. When the overwhelming majority of this thread is saying you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And really idiot, I didn’t disprove anything, here’s what you originally said, and i quote “and if your smart tom always sings more songs then mark on any blink cd’s”. on ANY OF THE BLINK CD’S. I provided you an example where they sang the same. So obviously not. And yeah of course I had to figure that out. I’m sorry I don’t memorize the amount they sing on each record. Who the fuck honestly gave you authority to declare Punk drumming worse than Metal drumming? Maybe in recordings, but live, Travis Barker would honestly kick the living shit out of any Joey fucking Jordisan alive. Take a look at this see how your precious Joey made the honorable mentions, when Barker made the actual list, or this No Jordisan on that one either, but Barker is.

  24. Ryan

    Have you actually heard TRV$DJAM? YouTube “Travis Barker” and watch some of his drumming videos. Don’t go by what you hear on blink albums, of course it’s not gonna be wild and out, because in Punk, unlike that shitty excuse for music (Metal), drummers drum to go along with the music, not to show off. It’s like a guitar solo, they’re tight sometimes, but if you put it where it doesn’t belong, it will just sound dumb. You can’t overdrum or else it’s gonna sound bad, can you comprehend that buddy, or didn’t that go waaay over your tiny brain?

  25. devin

    ok ryan yes iw hish travis would have died he sucks at drumming he is overrated and joey wouldkill him in a drum solo, travis is better then joey live yeah NO can travis play up side down and spin in the air playing a drum solo that fast and that much beats without fucking up go on a metal board and say that travis is better the joey they will find you and kil you probally just get this through your head travis is good at making simple beats but other then that he sucks joey is way better with any thing to do with druming also known as the fastest and best drumer in the world but ok your punk i’m metal punk drumming has nothing on metal druming.

    Who is the best Drummer in the WORLD?

    Travis Barker 36.51%
    Joey Jordisson 63.49%

    this came from a good site that was not a metal or punk site. but enough with the whole travis joey thing.

    AVA is better then blink TOM IS GOD you keep on making AVA tom cause i love it you sexy fucker

  26. devin

    oh and also look at travis’s drum kit and then look a joey’s , tavis’s drum kit looks like a little kids when compared to joey’s you know why joey has way more stuff on his kit cause he does way more with it then just make simple beats

    also i knowjoey could play every drum tab that travis has made i doubt travis could play joey’s drum tabs and not as fast. but now i am done with who is a better drummer

  27. jimmyjazz


    all joey does is play lots of double bass and mix up loads of cymbals.

    but fuck that, this guys the best:
    “this is rock and roll”

  28. devin

    that travis drum solo has nothing on joey, joey could do that better and faster period

  29. devin

    travis not great he is good for a punk drummer but he so overrated he is a slow drummer he just makes really simple catchy beats thats why everyone like him joey would slaughter him in a drum face off no question about it.

  30. devin

    joey has played with Metallica, Korn, Ministry, Satyricon, OTEP, System of a Down, Marilyn Manson, and 3 Inches of Blood and then ofcourse his band SLIPKNOT if he wasn’t good i dont think these bands would want him playing for them well i geuss his drummer of the year and known as the fastest and worlds best drummer would do it to also.

    it’s better then travis he did drums for AVRIL.L and some rappers(THE GAME) but all of his simple beats g0 good with all that simple music