Travis: my arm

Travis blogged:

So this is a picture of what happens when your” ulner nerve” is compressed by your “guyons canal”. The procedure i just had released my ulner nerve in hopes that i can feel my left hand and fingers again.The doctors say this happened on “impact” or could be cause because of the heat of the burns. Dr. Kulber performed my surgery and was really kool, and thanks for the pictures Doc. See you all in about 8-10 weeks

The blog also contains pictures of the surgery which we will leave you to view at your own discretion due to the graphic nature of the images.  Click continue to see the pictures.

Travis Barker's wrist surgery 01

Travis Barker's wrist surgery 02

Travis Barker's wrist surgery 03

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20 Responses to Travis: my arm

  1. Twilight Drop

    Good luck Travis, I know you’ll be back to 100% in no time!!.. You always come back with a vengeance, everytime!!..

  2. blinkduder

    awsome pics trav hope you feel better soon i know you`ll come back with a bang good luck

  3. Josh Borland

    Gnarly shit yo! Travis is tough!

  4. mikedeasyidk

    and i always though travis was a robot… damn.

  5. kevin

    Totally gnarly

  6. Tha

    que nojo ):

  7. Sp00neyG

    hope things are better for you soon travis!

  8. madne$$

    gnarly indeed

  9. Sandy

    Oh my God! I hope you feel better soon.

  10. Pat

    Shit man…that sucks…but we’re all very happy you’re ok and your hand/fingers got fixed up. Good luck with the recovery and the new album!

  11. chris

    damn.. travis is human?

  12. emma

    good luck travis! hope all is going well x

  13. meandforex

    travis we all hope you’ll be better soon and hit the road with new blink’s album


    hope travis feel better real soon!! good luck man!!

  15. TravisBabe !

    O, T.. get well soon yo !

  16. Nick

    Hope the tats are ok….and of course i hope your hand is all better man!

  17. jono


  18. heyitsjames

    Ow, hope you get better real soon dude, hope to hear some more amazinf drumming from you soon.
    Get better.

  19. heyitsjames

    I mean Amazing* not amazinf lol

  20. Jerry

    I love u travis, get better brotha