Tom posted a picture of Mark in the LA studio.

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21 Responses to Tom: LOOK WHO IS AT HIS OWN STUDIO….

  1. Josh / Kirgan


    finally in the studio ftw

  2. Dan

    I’m loving these blogs…So random!

  3. Seamus

    im dying to hear a sample. i hope they post some videos like they did on the last album.

  4. gareth

    ha looks like they are recording in different studios……hmmmm interesting…………………… very freindly of them!!!

  5. john

    the results of red bull

  6. bolo

    fuckin tom and his random ass pics

  7. guit

    Weird… there’s no neck pick-up on the guitar…

    anyway, cant wait to hear some songs!

  8. freiteez

    haha i saw this earlier, pretty funny how many blogs both mark and tom are making now 😀

  9. freiteez

    @gareth if you read the other posts, mark was down at toms studio in san diego(probably demoing) now they are all in LA at marks studio and are gonna start working on the new album

  10. gareth

    ha i know my good sir im just bored and it so easy to get a reaction!!!!

    i like attention!!!! hmmmmm i hope boxcar racer get back together!!!

  11. JohnB

    this is awesome, keep these random pics coming tom!

  12. Jonas

    I’m sure this album is going to be great, I really hope the magic friendship of before is there too

  13. mauCR

    Blink 182 in costa rica facebook group!!

  14. Lewis

    It’s awesome, I can’t wait to hear some demos and hopefully watch some videos, that’d be fuckin sweet.

    btw, LOL @ gareth!

  15. Joker

    You boys need to smile, you guys look so nervous.. lol.

  16. zach moore

    yeah most of blinks stuff is recorded using the bridge pickup.

  17. Mike

    I agree with seamus, you guys should do what you did on the self-titled album, video all the progress and either blog it in parts or come out with a video the goes with the album that people buy! that was be awsome..i would def. but it i love that, it inspires you to write and record songs!

  18. tom

    these random pics are awsome keep it up tom

  19. David

    Telecaster huh?

  20. JimBob

    Fender Esquire! niiiice

  21. airwaves

    why arent they laughing on any pictures? :p
    maybe not as much fun as it was before