Tom blogged:

Just made it here ….. It’s all ok… I’m here….. Alone…. Where
the fuck is Mark and Travis…..

(Click here to see the image.)

So it looks like blink is recording at Tom’s studio in San Diego as well as Mark and Travis’ studio in Los Angeles.  Shout out to James Ingram in the back of the photo!

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13 Responses to Tom: I’M HERE AT THE LA STUDIO NOW….

  1. skeptical

    tom needs to chillax

  2. havaniceday

    oh my..word!!?


  3. hhhhhhhhhi

    i think they were demoing at toms and recording at the LA 1

  4. Sally

    Yay!! Officially in the studio!

  5. Danny

    haha whatta dude

  6. courtney :D

    oh boy… lol.. gotta love tom!
    all alone aww :'(

  7. Brian

    tom got fat haha

  8. Josh / Kirgan

    Tom posted another one not long after btw


  9. mauCR

    Blink 182 in costa rica facebook group!!

  10. guy

    hes starting to look like the guy from jimmy eats world

  11. hoppus!

    haha! james ingram! lol he was cool when he was on the podcasts. good to see the blink guys in the studio.

  12. okkkkkkkkk

    You guys should come record at my studio too….want some candy?

  13. Brendan

    can’t wait for the new album its going to be sick!!!!