Ding It!

blink-182 posted a MySpace bulletin:

Check out the new Blink-182 Dings. What is a Ding? Well basically it is a custom skin for all of your different electronic devices.

We have arranged for 10% off if you use the code: recession when you check out.


Visit: http://www.dinglife.com/blink182

blink-182 Ding It

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4 Responses to Ding It!

  1. Orian

    Is it just me or are they REALLY playing up this recession shit?

  2. David

    Wow, wish I had an iPhone to put one of these on…

  3. Pat

    Ya, a lot of businesses are lower price to get more sales, they’re just using the recession as an opportunity. But hey, sweet deals none-the-less:) and I hope they’ve got a ding for my Sony Ericsson!

  4. Taylor

    the code isn’t doing anything 🙁