Video: Access Hollywood Grammys Interview

Access Hollywood caught up with blink-182 backstage at the Grammys:


Pop punk band Blink-182 talks about confirming their rumored reunion onstage during the Grammy Awards. Plus, how is drummer Travis Barker recovering after his near-fatal jet crash?

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12 Responses to Video: Access Hollywood Grammys Interview

  1. yourfaceiskillingme

    man thats starting off a little weird. It seemed like Tom and Travis were just there to make Mark happy but they werent to thrilled.

    But the latter half was refreshing.

  2. James

    The guy barely even gave tom any time and tom seemed pretty awkward about being there

  3. Josh

    Lol! When the presenter dude goes to touch Travis’ fist at the end he completely misses!

  4. Grace

    lmao I agree with Josh that was so awkward! That interviewer pissed me off, what WAS that!? ha

    But anyway they wouldnt all be back with blink unless they were all 100% happy with it, doesnt matter if they LOOK like they are or not.

  5. D-dawg

    So far into the 2 Interviews seem interesting.

  6. Colette

    Tom dont look to happy he probley thinks travis is going to do something to him

  7. David

    Hope Travis’ll be ok soon… 🙂

  8. bennex

    that was the worst interviewer ever. akward questions, Its not tom who does weird. You just can see tom is thinking “oh my god what a stupid question”.

    Then he looks at tom, tom prepares to answer and the interveiwer points the mic at mark.

  9. Shagz

    ya that guy was a total Duesch bag 2 tom lol

  10. Josh

    Wow that dude is a douuuuuuuuuuuuuuche. 1st he acted like a prick and didn’t let Tom talk, then he like tried to shove the mic down travis’ throat…and at the end he didnt even shake tom’s hand at all…God i want to punch that man in the face.

  11. bolo

    wat a fuckin dick he didnt let tom speak til the end

  12. Dan Of Spam

    Yea you can see Tom tryd to speak a couple times but the reporter didnt let him talk,

    and i aggree the reporter pissed me off too, such a fail interview, and i really felt he put to much drama into travis, bah just annoying reporter doing a bad interview, i really wanted to see and hear what tom had to say, been listening to trav and mark for the last 4 years talk about blinky things.