Tom blogged:

What a great new toy!!! Phone blogs… I will be addressing the blink
thing very shortly… Angels and Airwaves is never going to go
away…. Don’t worry… Just a little something different for a bit…
Stay tuned …. AVA has a lot comn’

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  1. Adam

    uh oh

  2. radar

    so~~ hey,mark,what about +44?

  3. nyt13

    Mark already said that +44 was dead….

  4. JZ

    Tom didn’t look happy at all at the grammys
    and whats he mean by he’ll be adressing the “blink thing”
    … that worries me…

  5. Mike

    wow . . . cmon . . .please have AVA become a side-project lol

  6. Hombre316

    he officially said +44 was dead? when did that happen?

  7. Joey

    I think AvA will die once Blink gets going. They’re gonna be bigger and better than ever after taking this 4 year break.

  8. mauCR

    is a small country but blink have a great number of fans here it would be a great idea!

  9. Ryan

    what does he mean lil something different for a bit… blink is huge!

  10. travis

    i enjoyed AVA, i think that they re rad. but i’ve been waiting for this news about blink ever since they called it quites. this all is like a dream come true and even though i like AVA i hope that they dont take away from this awsome reunion. the only question i have is : even though i respect finishing a project already in the making, how is tom able to do two major bands plus all the mod life stuff and macbeth, record two albums, and make the i empire movie, when he left blink in the first place to have more time with his family. i dont know, its been leaving me thinking that this reunion might be more fragile than permanent

  11. keith

    well i aint getting my hopes up for blink now after reading this..
    im still a bit 50/50 on the whole thing..
    i love blink but ever since they split i’ve disliked tom..
    “Angels and Airwaves is never going to go away”
    he said this about blink as well..
    ah f**k it i just dont know!!!

  12. Ron

    Tom, we don’t like Angels and Airwaves. We like blink-182, man. Why don’t you understand that? There’s no band better than blink.

  13. James

    I don’t like the sound of that. It sounds like he is putting AVA first

  14. Leo

    yo man, fuck AvA tom…. no one cares, and no one is DEFINITLY worrying about it… AvA is only around because of Blink, Thats all we want is blink…

    what does he mean “addressing the blink thing” and what the fuck does he mean something different for a bit…

    the world cant handle another blink hiatus…. i think i speak for everyone with this comment, the other shit was my opinion..

    PLEASE!!!! blink forever

  15. Zeni


    Nothing against AVA. Great music and all…..

    But please. You broke my heart when you left Blink. And the last couple days I’ve finally felt like the world was whole again.

    Don’t f*** that up. I’ll love you forever if you’ll just make sure to stick with Blink and not kill all of us all over again. Like Leo said… I can’t handle another blink hiatus. And I hope by “addressing the blink *THING*” you’re not trying to brush it off like it’s no big deal.. it’s not just a THING to me or any other real blink fan out there. lol I guess that’s all I really have to say..

    Long live blink-182.

  16. Chris

    Tom, not sure what’s going on in that head of yours but please understand 1 thing. There’s nothing wrong with AVA, it’s a good band and I like the music. However, blink-182 “you mark and travis together” means so much to so many people. Blinks music has gotten me through some insanly tough times. And I know there’s thousands of other people that can say the same thing. Every fan of yours knows you want to make inspiational music and change the way things are in this world. Believe me when I tell you, you mark and travis can do that with blink all day long!!! The 3 of you have changed peoples lives in ways you will never know! Myspace-Atticus17

  17. hhhhhhhhhi

    nuf said

  18. Erick

    Why do I have a feeling that Tom isn’t into Blink and will be the first one to ruin the reunion?

  19. Marc

    Ok Tom bring out the AVA album, and leave it be…
    I don’t know anyone who prefers AVA over blink.
    If you want to do blink do it with everything you’ve got.
    Otherwise it will just be one big let down.

  20. jamie

    dont worry!!!

    blink is back, ava is still there!!!

    they have announced that they are currently doing a new album and a tour on its way!!!
    just look forward to it!!!

    if tom by chance pops on here to see the reactions and reads all the negativity, he might jst fuck it off ha!!!
    he int gunna stop doin ava, so if u dnt like AVA, dnt tlk bout them, tlk bout blink!!!


  21. Grace

    I’m sososososo happy about all of this… just I agree with everyone else: “just a little something different for a bit” A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR A BIT!?!?!?!? notably the “little” part and the “for a bit” part… hope he just got his wording a bit shitted up there!

  22. Ghiwa

    Wtf Toooooooooooooooooooooommm…
    I mean can he rly handle both.. we need Blink.. we dnt want Ava..
    Well this scares me because Tom dsnt seem so much into the reunion.. plz plzz dnt ruin this very awesomness reunion.. we can’t have our heart broken agaaaaaaain..

  23. Colette

    i missed blink know they back im soo happy
    they are better off as blink i hardly like Ava music

  24. David

    Take your time with AVA Tom. No hurry. *thumbs up*

  25. Dave

    sure… fck it now i cant wait for you to post out about that little blink thing, sure..