HMNIM: blink-182 Just About to Walk Onstage at the Grammy’s

blink-182 Reunited - Paur Rosenberg

Mark blogged:

Just before we walked onstage at the Grammy’s, the three of us were huddled backstage in the basement of the Staples Center in a crowded holding area. The people who ran the show were going over our presentation and begging us not to go off-script. In the middle of the mayhem, our manager Paul Rosenberg took a photo that may turn out to be the best photo of all time. Travis looks like Travis. I look like a bad wax figurine, and Tom just looks scared. For those who dare, you can see the snap on Paul’s blog, at

From Paul’s blog:

I know I’m not breaking any news here, but I’m glad to report for those who haven’t heard that Blink-182 has reunited following their 4 year hiatus! At the 51st Grammy Awards Travis, Tom and Mark took the stage to present Best Rock Album (Coldplay won) and announced the big news. I had a chance to snap this photo of the three before they took the stage to make it official to the world…

We’ll be managing the group as a continuation of represnting Travis and Mark (individually and as +44) along with Rick Devoe Management and couldn’t be more proud and excited about the possibilities. Click here for the official Blink website and here for their Myspace page. Therein you’ll find their official statement and be sure to check out the recession special $10 t-shirt prices, lasting through Feb. 22nd. More info on the way as it becomes available.

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5 Responses to HMNIM: blink-182 Just About to Walk Onstage at the Grammy’s

  1. hhhhhhhhhi

    i thougt rick devo was their maneger

  2. David

    Can’t wait for that “more info”. 😛

  3. bolo

    mark looks like he just raped tom hahah 😀

  4. Joker

    This time you better stay together for the kiddies!!.. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  5. big a

    is rick not their manager any more