The Grammys

Don’t forget to watch blink-182 on the Grammys tonight on CBS at 8pm E/T and 8pm P/T.

AT 8pm E/T the Grammys will be streaming on and you can discuss the show in our forum!

Edit: The best stream is here:

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5 Responses to The Grammys

  1. ewen182

    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. atticus

    screw all of these people

  3. Josh

    hell yea man! we dont want katy perry, coldplay, or for god’s sake the jonas brothers…….. BLINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the182

    the mark, tom and travis.. welcome back to the amazing fans in the world. greeting from me in indonesia

  5. markbassfan

    Blink 182 is officially back