The Reunion Is Nigh

The Reunion Is Nigh

This image as well as a countdown to the Grammy Ceremony are posted on Legit? Fansite? Only time will tell.

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  1. Orian

    You’ve got to be kidding me. A couple of rumors and an obvious fansite countdown… :S

  2. D-dawg

    Orian: No ones kidding you. Be Positive too!

  3. Filipe

    yeah, it is an fan site, but imagine how wonderful and amazing it would be blink announcing their reunion at grammy? i don’t know, but for me it would be the best day of those first days of the year =D

    let’s keep on beeing positive! hehehe

  4. Macbeth

    Guys… I can’t believe it. I have been waiting so long for this day to come true. I have always known that Blink182 will come back, cause something beautiful like that can’t just disappear.

  5. hhhhhhhhhi

    this is so hyped now
    BLINK-182!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *listens to cheshier cat*

  6. tom

    if blink come back (please say they do) iam not buying a new guitar iam goin 2 buy tickets 2 there frist show back in london

  7. TJ

    Well, Orian, something HAS TO be going on? Why would Mark, Tom, and Travis be going to THEE Grammys? Just to announce that they arent doing anything? And why would +44 and AVAs stuff be taken off of Blinks website?

  8. Sualk

    omg! a dream comes true!!! the best day of my life!! greetings from Austria, Mark and Tom and Travis!! please come to Austria!!!^^

  9. calum W

    I cant beleive this is happening ..I CANT WAiT!!

  10. KyleLeeman[C:C]

    to be fair this was always gonna happen 😛

    my face hasnt left the 😀 possition since i heard the Grammies news. Why would they reunite for the grammies with no intentions of a reunion? thats just mean 😛 and and and the removal of AVA and +44 from the website, and the possibility of a new blink album from what David Kennedy said.

    ARGH :D:D:D

  11. vincentb

    This is unbelieveable! I’ve waited for this moment for so many years! It’s an unreal feeling and I can’t wait until I finally get to see them live!

  12. Macbeth

    Yeah Sualk, I agree. They should come to Austria.

    greets from Austria Macbeth

  13. Sualk

    Austria loves you, Blink-182!!!!
    come to vienna or linz!!

    i am sure, your next album will be the best!!!!

  14. Halofilter

    OMFG! 😀 I’ll listen Blink whole day 😀 i’m so happy BLINK 182 THE BEST!!!!! greatings from Hungary 😀 (i’ll go to Austria if the blink’ll go there)

  15. Svimon

    I’ve just found this : but it could be fake.
    But if it isn’t, thats a hell of a show 😀

  16. Jazzz182

    if this actually happens it is the best day of my life since i lost my virginity.

    I beg for this to actually happen.
    and in my opinion the website is legit

  17. Tyler

    This will be the most viewed Grammys of all time because of all the blink fans watching 😀 Tonight will be one of the greatest nights in a while, or one of the most disappointing.

  18. A malay dude

    Blink was suppose to perform in Malaysia in 2005 but canceled because of the ‘hiatus’. They owe us Malaysian fans a show dammit!
    Their first show should be in Malaysia >:(

  19. hhhhhhhhhi

    if you go into “page” and click view sourse theirs loads of words like “blink reunion”, “2009 tour”, grammys, “MTV” ECT…
    no joke
    have a look

  20. Bertil

    So fucking awesome 😀

  21. Nic182

    why is the floor so sticky? oh yeah cuz i just came at the thought of the greatest rock trio reuniting and having a new record. this record has to be at least 10x better than 2005’s blink 182 and i have no doubt in my mind that it will blow everyones mind!

  22. c_ortiz93

    my best bet is that when they present the award, the winner will thank them and give a hint like “good luck on your new album” or “see you guys on tour” or something…

  23. Diego

    They’re friends again and they love Blink 182. It’s OBVIOUS that they’re back! I hope they come to Argentina or Uruguay.

  24. justin_tall

    they’re all keeping there mouths shut as far as interviews and such…. Im almost positive something is going down at the grammys tonight.. what time is it on?

  25. Atticus182

    Yeah, Blink-182 rocks ! 4 Ever !

    I still can’t belive it…(even if we’re not already sure…)

    I really hope that this whole story insn’t just a big commercial fake…, and that tonight, we’ll see THE reunion of the year…(oh God, please…PLEASE). Blink will be a “Living Legend”…:D

    And don’t forget, Switzerland loves you guys, so please, if you really come back together, please, come again to Europe…even if it’s for only one show…

  26. Ghiwa

    Dreams do come true people:D:D:D:D


    woooow!!! today is a historical day, music needs blink`s energy a humor
    thanks for this new website.

    Matias fromo Uruguay (south america)

  28. Hmm

    So the clock on the Blink 182 Reunion site is four hours slower than the actual time until the Grammy Awards. Any guesses to why that is?

  29. atom

    My Brithday present came with a 3years and a half Delay!

    Listen to this, my Bro said that while he was searching, he found a page were a Guy that is writing a book abour Blink-182 -and its related to them, said “dont forget to see Blink-182s Reunion, because there is another surprise for you…! im suposed not to talk about this..”

    i dont know whats it gonna be, but, i hope there is a chance they play a little or something else…

  30. Sisko41

    It doesn’t even count down to the grammys. The countdown ends at midnight (central)… not 7PM, like when they start.

  31. Kyle

    Ok first off they r just presenters thats y they r at the grammys. As 4 a reunion nuthin is definate so stop being ignorant and hyping all of this up. I want Blink back as bad or more so then most of you but until 2nite no1 knows whats goin on so lets just b thankful there friends and that there goin 2 b on the same stage 2gether.

  32. bennex

    this is some indonasian fansite

  33. blinkplus

    It’d be awsome!!!
    BLINK -182 FOREVER & EVER!!!

  34. blinkplus

    It’d be awsome!!!

  35. BenGathercole

    This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! It’s what we’ve ALL been waiting for!!! Mark, Tom and Travis I’m SO happy that you are all friends once again wether you reform Blink or not. This world already has too much hatred and not enough love. AvA and +44 are amazing bands but Blink… WOW!!! The music lifts my spirit and that’s what I love about you guys. Keep safe.

  36. Eamonn182

    I just wonder does all this secrecy mean a shock performance of all the small things at the grammys?? It will be great to see the boys together again on stage.

  37. mike

    hello! anybody know if i’ll can view grammy’ streaming? i’m out of USA!

  38. kobajagi

    ill cry like a little child when ill hear then saying they ar back and with new cd :):):)

  39. nick lacey

    this can be the start best night of my life <333

  40. Nick

    Wow, I can’t wait to see myself opening for you guys!!! Go Blink!!!

  41. antonio

    the countdown stopped and nothing happened..i think it’s fake

  42. atticus

    i knew they were coming back for a while, there were so many tiny hints on ever since they first changed it back in like november

  43. ChapterXIIIclothing

    The countdown is over… the only thing that happend was a sound… the sound of a croud…

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  45. Gee

    their first show should be in indonesia,AVA did it last year,so why mark,tom,travis can’t.,Blink182…i’ll waitin for u in indonesia next year.