Bye Bye AVA and +44

All Angels & Airwaves and +44 related news has been removed from

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8 Responses to Bye Bye AVA and +44

  1. Jonny

    Good, get lost! bring on BLINK!

  2. bLiNkEc

    finally!!!!rock on Blink-182

  3. tom

    i liked ava and +44 (wow i have 2 use past tense wen i mension them now) but blink-182 are THE BEST AND OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jakob

    i hope that u guys will buy there new album if they are gonna release one, i know i will:) cuz blink fucking rule!

  5. the182

    blink 182 is back so perfect life

  6. blink

    come back blink !

  7. Pat

    I am so happy blink is back, but for all ava fans, their not gone, when David Kennedy (ava guitarist) was on the Modlife chatroom, Modblast, he stated that blink is back together, a fan asked if this would mean the end for Angels and Airwaves, he replied no sir, with other stuff that i forgot…As for plus 44 let’s hope they also stay together, so we can get 3 sweet new albums

  8. TomiK

    yes,yes thx blink182