Welcome to 182 Online

For the past 4 years +44 Online has been “Your #1 Plus 44 Fansite”.

We hope to make 182 Online your main source for all things blink-182 related.  Welcome to our community.

“It’s times like these, it’s obvious.” – blink-182

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11 Responses to Welcome to 182 Online

  1. Ryan

    Dude, Kieran you are the best ever!!!!! I’d just like you to know that you’re updates on plus44online.com were the best. I’d check it hourly because you updated constantly. keep up the amazing work here. For all blink fans out there, this is going to be EPIC.

  2. pmasterfunk

    i like how we can comment on news stories now!
    very intense
    intense action

  3. tom


  4. ChapterXIIIclothing

    Thanks for the old site… Looking forward to use 182online.com!

  5. hhhhhhhhhi

    “It’s times like these, it’s obvious.” – blink-182

    so true man
    i’ll keep sending news by the way
    keep it up
    this is gunna be emence

  6. Asdrians

    WTF!!! this is now a serious stuff….

  7. Inna :)

    omg, exactly when I was reading this I was listening to Obvious and that exactly same part of the song!! i’m not really sure if blink 182 is back again, but from what I hear mark and travis have other plans that don’t include +44. so sorry, it’s over. +44 had really nice songs. but I would be more than happy if blink 182 reunites !!

  8. tom

    i would like 2 say thanks 4 the old site cause tht was the BEST fan site of all time and keep it up with this 1

  9. Kilian

    Sweet website Guys I’ve been waiting for this since indefinite hiatus, Boxcar Racer and all of the rest I’m happy it’s finaly become true.
    Read from you guys soon,

  10. BenGathercole

    Thank you SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for all your hard work. I was always on the +44 site and am now ALWAYS gonna be here. How do you get all the info and goss first? LOL.

    Well done and keep it up 🙂

  11. Jazz182

    thanks for the old website it was really great. and now that blink are back hell yeah!! i hop e this website will be as good

    thanks again